March 20, 2018

Brad Shreffler - How to Talk about Guns and School. e53

When I started this podcast a year ago I had little idea about the what, the how, or even my why in chasing conversations. I quickly cobbled together a list of questions that I thought an EDU podcaster would ask. And even as I struggled through my first episode with Jen Giffen @virtualgiff I realized that I would have to be more open. Open in my question frame, open in my mindset, and open to where the story takes me.

As soon as I released a little grip on the wheel, the stories emerged and took over.

In this episode I go where a story pulled me.

The horrific events of February 14th, 2018 that occurred at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland Florida electrified me. I found my social and news feeds overflowing with content that enraged and confused me. And even though I wanted to talk with someone closer to the context I waited. I researched. I measured. I reflected and then I reached out to Brad Sheffler an educator and podcaster based out of Orlando.

This episode focusses in on how to talk about guns and schools. And honestly, I had no idea about how to do this. My questions felt awkard, my sense of clarity was fuzzy, and throughout the entire conversation I struggled with measuring my respect for the topic. Yet, I also wondered if this is what it feels like to unbox a truely pivotal topic.

I am incredibly grateful to Brad for his honest and open support of my learning.

Brad can be found @BradShreffler on Twitter. He also is the host of the Planning Period Podcast

Chasing Squirrels is on iTunes You can find me on Twitter @chrisjcluff and on Wordpress at If you would like to chat on the podcast, let me know.

Song in episode: Come as you are by Blue Dot Sessions is used under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( This song has not been remixed or changed in any way.

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