October 18, 2017

Jen Apgar 2.0 - Failing Failure, 8yr Old Curiosity, and Mother/Daughter Podcasting e41

We kind of picked up from where we left off ... but like all great conversations sometimes where you start, inevitably goes to places unforeseen and where you end, doesn't matter so much. I knew this time around even if I didn't get to my list of questions, I did want to talk a little bit more ebout EdTech conferences, learning from failure, and the new podcast project that Jen and her daughter had just started. Most of those bits do come out in the conversation, but I got to tell you, there's still quite a few more topics that I'm looking forward to hashing out with her the next time we meet.

You can find Jen on Twitter @JenApgar

Chasing Squirrels is on iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/chasing-squirrels/id1191208370?mt=2 You can find me on Twitter @chrisjcluff and on Wordpress at https://chrisjcluff.com/ If you would like to chat on the podcast, let me know. 

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