September 22, 2017

Michelle Cassidy - Mental Health, Accessible Mindfulness, and true Modern Learning e38

I've been thinking about the times in my EDU career when I was witness to a kind of deeper truth or source code. The moments tend to be fleeting and sometimes I missed large parts because my mind was launchd into in a different place than my ears. But, when I held the moment and flowed with the conversation I walked away feeling the satisfaction of truely learning a lesson. 

My talk with Michelle, a clinician leading a Mental Health strategy for a large school board, was one of the moments where I think I got a peak behind the curtain and started to understand the inner workings of education. And a truth that emerged was that we just might be coming to place where curriculum, classroom, and mental health are seen as equal and connected components of a larger, life continuum.

You can find Michelle on Twitter @mcassidy905

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