I have been embarrassingly slow to embrace my inner Mickey. Just recently the full weight of my upcoming Disney family trip kinda crashed my system. In spite of the countless communications bounced back and forth between us and the kingdom since last November, I still had a few questions. Sarah and Shauna are probably two of the most die hard Disney fans I know. So in this episode I turned to them to get me in the right headspace to enter the Magic Kingdom.

You can find Sarah on Twitter @sarahlalondee  and her blog http://www.sarahannelalonde.com/

You can find Shauna on Twitter @misspollock then check out her book http://www.creatingclassroommagic.com/ inspired by Disney and finally please keep an eye on the new school she is opening in September 2017 https://blueskyschool.ca/

The Flipgrid with questions from this episode can be found at flipgrid.com/diznee

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